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1OTCHEW  Children Emergency08131733938 
2Adeoye Lambo Ward Psychiatry08131733939
3West West Grand Psychiatry08131733940
4West West 1 (W.W.1) ENT08131733941
5West West 2 (W.W.2) Surgery08131733942
6West West 3 (W.W.3 )Unbooked Obstetrics08131733943 
7North West 1(N.W.1) NeuroSurgery08131733944
8North West 2 (N.W.2) NeuroSurgery08131733945
9North West 3 (N.W.3)  Dialysis Ward08131733946
10Owena Ward Dialysis Ward08131733947
11West 1 Eye08131733948 
12West 2 Surgery08131733949 
13West 3 Medicine08131733950 
14West 4 Obstetrics and Gynaecology08131733951 
15South West 1 (S.W.1 )Surgery08131733952 
16South West 2 (S.W.2) Paediatrics Ward08131733953 
17South West 3 (S.W.3) Medicine08131733954 
18South West 4 (S.W.4) Obstetrics and Gynaecology08131733955  
19East 1 Oncology Surgery08131733956 
20East 2 Medicine (Diabetes)08131733957
21East 3 Medicine (Gastroenterology)08131733958 
22South East 1 (S.E.1) Orthopaedic Surgery08131733960  
23South East 2 (S.E.2) Paediatric Ward08131733961  
24South East 3 (S.E.3) Medicine08131733962 
25South East 4 (S.E.4) Obstetrics and Gynaecology08131733963  
26C1-2nd Paediatrics (Neonate)08131733965  
27C1-4th Obstetrics and Gynaecology08131733966  
28Labour Ward Delivery/Gynaecology08131733967 
29SCBU Special Care Baby Unit08131733968 
30Metabolic Research Ward   Chemical Pathology / Obesity08131733969 
31Radiotherapy Ward Oncology08131733970 
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