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The formal opening of universal laboratory (formerly) public private partnership laboratory located under Otunba Tunwase Children’s emergency ward was on the 1st of November, 2012. The laboratory was set up to address the long turn- around time in specimen handling by the existing laboratories. This prolonged turn-around time became unacceptable in patients’ care, especially in emergency cases.

The laboratory comprises of hematology, chemical pathology,  infectious and molecular biology units, all put together under one roof . It guarantees short turn-around time (TAT) of one hour or less depending on the number and type of test requests.

Services offered include but not limited to Complete blood count, coagulation profile, general chemistry, hormonal assays, immunoassays, infectious diseases, viral loads (Hep B, C, HIV and  Cytomegalovirus).

Samples are received mainly from emergency department: OTCHEW, SCBU, ICU, C12ND and emergency samples from the wards. The laboratory runs 24hours and is also open to patients or clients from outside hospitals and laboratories.


The laboratory head of department (  AKPAN RICHARD PETER MSc (Haem), FMLSCN )

  • By virtue of dedicated staff, the laboratory was able to maintain short turn- around time on all the samples
  • The unit was the first laboratory to be awarded twice for its exceptional and unflinching support and contribution towards the rebirth of excellence.
  • Scientists had been sponsored in international training
    • Mr Ogunleye- Advanced training on Cobas 6000 at South African
    • Mrs O. I Famuyiwa on TOSOH automated glycohaemoglobin analyser, UAE , Dubai
    • Mrs Famuyiwa and Miss Finebone – Training on Cobas 600 in South Africa
    • Mrs Onyemacehi R.C.- Training on Cobas E411


  • To provide emergency and quality services for various departments in the hospital
  • To provide relevant services with a very short TAT
  • To analyze research samples at a very discounted rate in order to encourage research work
  • To provide services to private hospital and laboratory within and outside the state /country.


The laboratory focuses on clinical chemistry, Hematology and infectious investigations.

Clinical chemistry: gives the general chemistry analyses ranging from renal function tests, liver function tests, bone functions, Diabetes studies, lipid studies, cardiac markers, immunology, endocrine studies, tumor markers, therapeutic drug monitoring drug of abuse.

Hematology section: covers complete blood count (CBC), coagulation studies

Infectious disease/ molecular studies: HBSAG screening, HBeAg, AHBC Total, AHBE, HBV DNA, AHBC Igm, HBSAG quantification, HIV viral load, Cytomegalovirus etc


To be the flagship Medical Laboratory offering quality Diagnostic and Research services with state of the art analyzers, thereby turning out precise, accurate and reproducible results in a conducive working environment.

Rendering excellent prompt and effective Diagnostic Laboratory service with attendant turnaround time, irrespective of status, using well motivated and highly skilled personnel in a conducive working environment.


  • Turning out precise, accurate and reproducible results
  • Effective and Quality turnaround time for results
  • Promoting intra and inter personal relationship amongst staff and clients
  • Prompt dispatch of laboratory results(hard and electronic)
  • Motivation of the highly skilled and experience personnel in the laboratory to enhance productivity
  • Training and Re-training of personnel on latest diagnostic technology
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