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The Private Suites of the hospital is an initiative of exclusivity within a public Hospital and an encouragement for Intra-Mural Private Practice in a Public setting.

It was designed by the UCH Management to provide a qualitative PRIVATE health care to those who can afford or to those who otherwise would have travelled abroad for medical care.

By the operations of the Private Suites, the Hospital aims at maximizing her human and material resources to meet the medical needs of the target clients in a more conducive, and private environment.

The Private Suites is open 24 hours daily, 7 days of the week through the year. It is currently being run by the Family Medicine’s Department of the Hospital.

Consultations cover all medical Specialties by the involvement of the Hospital’s Specialists/Consultants, at a cost (called professional fees).

Apart from the Hospital’s Specialists who are invited to see patients, the UCH Private Suites has specially dedicated, regular medical, para-medical and administrative personnel rendering services to clients daily.

The Private Suites, is located on the 4th floor of the Hospital’s Neuro-Sciences building,    with 8 standard executive and 14 mini suites. Each room is well furnished with a contoura 200 section manual/electric bed, refrigerator, intercoms and internet facilities, with individual digital TV decoders and other necessary conveniences befitting a 4-star hotel.  It is actually a clinical-hotel setting, guaranteeing maximum comfort and hospitality with steady electricity and water supplies.

Benefits of the Private Suites’ Services to clients

  • Unhindered access to well experienced Specialists/professionals
  • Convenient and private consultations
  • Right to choose desired consultants.
  • Respect for patient’s Privacy
  • Adequate security coverage and comfort
  • Surgical operations and other procedures are carried out within a short time of establishing diagnosis.
  • 24/7 Services
  • Etc.

Available Medical Facilities

MAJOR investigations and theatre procedures are done in the main Hospital on

priority/by special arrangement but without delays. Minor and Intermediate ones are

carried out in the Private suites facilities


  • Eye and Dental Suites
  • ECG & Echocardiography
  • Ultrasonography
  • Mini operating theatres
  • Automated Laboratory investigations
  • Etc.


The Private Suites runs all clinics, as there are Consultants in all specialties.

Avaliable Facilities

*Magnetic Resonance Imaging      *Ambulance Pick-up services

*State of the art Eye Clinic *Echocardiography

*Ultrasonography *Mammography Machine

*Executive Dental Suites               *Operating Theatres

*Automated Laboratories *ECG

*Nuclear Medicine                                               *Point-of-care service

*First class Intensive care unit                                 *Computerised tomography



  • Full ante-natal care
  • Internet access in all the Suites      
  • Cable Television in all the Suites
  • Special Catering and Laundry Services, Etc.

Accommodation Facilities

All admission rooms are en suite, convenient and well furnished with air conditioners

For whom?

Top Government Officials, Senior Civil Servants, Multinationals/ Expatriates, Royal Fathers, Top politicians, and Other High-Net-Worth individuals who would have otherwise travelled abroad for medical care.

Mode of entry

The Private Suites’ Front Desk is Clients’ first port of call, for information on:  registration, consultation, estimated cost of treatment and other procedures,

Client may walk in by himself/herself, may be brought directly by relations, referred   by hospitals or by Consultants may be referred or may call to book appointment ahead of time. Patients could also be brought by his/her consultants.


*Deposit advice is not often the actual. The final bill is given before discharging clients including the cost of medications, investigations and professional fees etc.


4th Floor, Neurosciences Building

University College Hospital

PMB 5116, Queen Elizabeth Road

Ibadan, Oyo State.


Contact N0s:

07039327674(Reception) 08131733774 (Admin),

08128250456 (Medical), 08031733779 (Nursing)

Email: privatesuites@privatesuites.org

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