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Head of Department

Mr. O. O. Oyedele


The procurement department was created from the then stores and supplies department on the 11th of March 2011 by the Chief Medical Director Prof T.O Alonge in response to the need to attain improved efficiency, value for money, fairness, competitiveness, cost effectiveness, professionalism and transparency in the procurement process and build bridges among the various stakeholders in accordance with Public Procurement Act 2007.

  1. I. A   Morakinyo– March 2011- Sept 2011
  2. A.Y  Salawu – September 2011–June 2012
  3. J. O  Olagundoye – June 2012 – April 2014
  4. S. S Ogunsola–April 2014–November, 2017
  5. O. A Oyedele – December 2017- till date
  1. Adherence and implementation of the Public Procurement Act 2007
  2. Collaboration with user departments throughout the Procurement process till the point of delivery.
  3. Strict adherence with the 5 R’s i.e. Right Source, Right Product, Right Price, Right Quantity, Right Quality and time.
  4. Facilitating sound procurement process that gives value for money.
  5. On-going Local Purchase Order software development.
  6. The department is adequately staffed with BPP trained and certified procurement experts in relation to the mandate of the management.
  1. Collating the needs aggregate of various departments and units.
  2. Implementing existing procurement procedures and making appropriate recommendations.
  3. Carrying out appropriate market and statistical surveys and on that basis prepare analysis of the cost implications of the proposed procurement.
  4. To ensure value for money and fitness for purpose in all procurement activities.
  5. To execute projects in line with federal government regulations as stipulated by the Public Procurement Act 2007.
  6. Integrating procurement expenditure into yearly budget.
  7. Preparing and issuing bidding documents.
  8. Advertising and soliciting for bids.
  9. Receive and evaluate submitted bids.
  10. Ensuring prompt and constant inflow of supplies.
  11. Preparing and issuing award letters/local purchase order.
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