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Head of Department

Mrs. F. O. Aina


The Internal Audit Department was established in 1971 with Pa. Oluboyede as the pioneer Head of Department. He held this position from 1971 till 1986.

Mr. N. O. DAHUNSI was the Head of Department from 1986 to 1995

Mr. S. F. AJAYI was the Head of Department from 1995 to 2014.

Mr. M. A. ADETUNJI was the Head of Department from 2014 to June, 2019

Mrs. F. O. AINA became Head of Department from June 2019 till date.




During the time of Mr. N.O. Dahunsi, five units were in operation, namely, Stores, Salary, Revenue, Prepayment and Post Payment. When Mr. Ajayi S. F. took over the mantle of leadership, he added 6 other units namely:- Debt Recovery, Service Monitoring, Bank Reconciliation, Cash Book and Compliance and Payment. When Mr. Adetunji M. A. took over the leadership of the Department, Prepayment Audit was merged with Post Payment while Bank Reconciliation was abolished and has since been replaced with Fund Control and Investments owing to introduction of Treasury Single Account. (TSA) by Federal Government.

In order to keep close watch on Non-Current Assets of the Hospital Coupled with huge investment involved in acquisition of light medical equipment, a new Unit named Plant Property Equipment/Public Private Partnership was created. Duties of this Unit include monitoring transactions in various PPP arrangement and keeping management informed on the progress and keeping records of Hospitals’ Assets. In order to monitor the investments of the Hospital, Fund Control and Investment Unit has been saddled with this responsibility.

Similarly, four (4) Auditors were deployed to the four (4) Agency schools in order to monitor, control and ensure adherence to the laid down rules of the hospital. Moreover, in a bid to use resources economically, efficiently and effectively, Mrs. F. O. Aina, the current and the first female head of Internal Audit Department, re- vigorate market Survey Unit in the Department and many more units as events unfold.

As at today, the following are the functional Units to cover various areas of the Hospital: –

  1. Salary – IPPIS/GIFMIS
  2. Pre-Payment
  3. Compliance
  4. Medical Oxygen
  5. Fund Monitoring
  6. Store /Fixed Assets
  7. Procurement
  8. Market Survey
  9. NHIS
  10. Revenue
  11. Metering
  12. Cash Book
  13. Agency School
  14. Debt Recovery
  15. Post Payment
  16. Private Suit
  17. Public Private Partnership
  18. Energy Unit

Internal Audit Department commenced activities in the year 1971 with 5 members of staff. The staff strength grew to 20 in year 1986, 54 in year 2014, 60 in year 2016 and 83 in the year 2020.


1.Pa. Oluboyede   –   FCA, FCIS1971 to 198620
2.Mr. Dahunsi N.O –   Bsc. (Econs) PGDIP, FM1986 to 199525
3.Mr. Ajayi S. F.  –  Bsc. (Econs) Hons.1995 to 201454
4.Mr. Adetunji M. A. –  MCPN, MNCS, MBA, FCA2014 to 201960
5.Mrs. Aina F. O.– BSC (Accounting) MBA, CNA, ICAN in view2019 till date83


The strength of Internal Audit Department lies in the caliber of staff employed with higher level of professional and academic qualification. The Department has four (4) Chartered Accountants and sixteen (16) members of National Accountants of Nigeria with some members of staff at various levels in their degree and professional Accountancy programmes in Higher Institution.


Internal Auditors continues to enjoy maximum cooperation of Management and we hope this trend will continue.

  1. A drastic reduction in fraud and related incidences.
  2. Blocking of loopholes in accounting for Laboratory Services carried out in all the laboratories.
  3. Ensuring accountability in UCH Schools by constant monitoring.
  4. Evaluation of activities of Federally Funded Schools to ensure they comply with financial regulations by ensuring every fee charged is paid to the Hospital.
  5. Ensuring that Payment Vouchers are supervised and checked before being passed for payment to be followed up by Post Payment activities and reconciliation with banking reports.
  6. Creation of a Plant Property and Equipment Records in Internal Audit Department in order to ensure periodic verification of their existence in various offices and departments.
  7. Creation of a billing procedure for Intensive Care Unit Patients to enable post-discharge monitoring of payment of incurred debts.
  8. Conduct of staff Audit exercise to prevent Ghost Workers and ensure adequate records of all staff are maintained by relevant arms of administration.
  9. Ensuring records update in Finance and Accounts Department.
  10. Monitoring of non -medical consumables by constant check of Stores and conducting Quarterly Stock Taking Exercise.
  11. Maintaining a control on use of Hospital Vehicles and conducting Vehicle Verification Exercise on periodic basis.

The internal Audit continues to juggle with concerns about compliance of government laid down guides lines in hospital. This is important to the minimum the risks inherent in carry out operations. The responsibility given by Management to enforce laws and regulate operations is often misconstrued as human beings do not like to be checked.

On many occasions, the leadership of UCH management has provided training facilities for Audit Staff. We are exposed to current trend in Public Finance and Various relevant computer applications. Internal Auditors have enjoyed training opportunities provided by the management within and outside Ibadan. A lot of investments have gone into making Internal Auditors relevant in this technologically changing environment. In the History of the department, ten computers with accessories (Desk Tops and Lap Tops of modern configuration) were purchased for effective function of the Internal Auditors.

The dynamic nature of government guidelines and regulation has brought the need of continuous training and retraining of Audit staff to enable delivery of a matchless Audit.

It is on record that in the past administration under the leadership of erstwhile CMD, Audit Application Software was contracted to Software Companies for use by Internal Auditors in discharge of their duties. The Internal Audit Department is on Intra Network of the Hospital with access to Main File Server in Information Technology Department. This has made Internal Auditors employed by the Hospital to be Information Technology Compliant and relevant in this computer age.

Internal Auditors have benefitted from sponsored training programmes offered by Federal Government in respect of processing of Salaries  –  (Integrated Personal and Payroll Information System  – (IPPIS) and processing of payment vouchers on Treasury Single Account Payment System through REMITA.  This gives Internal Audit access to payment platforms where Internal Auditors now have the opportunities to monitor and report any inadequacies in the system.

In furtherance to the National mandate by the Federal Ministry of Health for all first tier hospitals to implement a control frame work in support of National Health Pay Project. University College Hospital, Ibadan, under the headship of the Chief Medical Director, Professor Jesse Abiodun Otegbayo, implemented a  comprehensive Electronic Medical Records System spearheaded by the “Health in A Box Solutions Limited” This enables the Department to have adequate Integration of revenue collection and Stock Management and a seamless Audit.


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