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Mrs Adetuyibi Obafunmilayo

Head of Department


At the University College Hospital, Ibadan, the Public Relations Department has stood the test of time and has proved to be a worthwhile and dependable ally in the development and progress made in the sixty years the Hospital has existed in all facets, and it’s doing more to enhance the image of the Hospital.

At both normal and odious times, the Public Relations Department rose to the occasions and the Hospital came out stronger and a better understood institution.

What is now known as the Information Department started as Public Relations Office in 1977 when the need to enhance the perception of the Hospital in the eye of the public became an essence and an absolute imperative.  Prior to 1977, the activities undertaken by the Office were subsumed under the General Administration and were handled on an adhoc arrangement.  However, the activities lacked the necessary expertise and finesse required, and this rendered the “PR” desk ineffectual and largely a second fiddle operation.

Upon the creation of the Public Relations Office a more meaningful approach to handling the image of the Hospital commenced and a better rapport between the Management of the Hospital and the staff on one hand and the public on the other hand became obvious.  But these limited to just circulars and bulletins, which are just a negligible fraction of what the functions of the PR entail.

There was however a break in the activities of the PR Office when the then Head of the Office, Mr. E.O. Eniola left the services of the Hospital.  At this period of interregnum, Mr. Kunle Atinwore who just ended his National Youth Service Scheme was seconded to the Department from Administration Department to hold the forte in an acting capacity.  He was made the substantive Head of the Public Relations Unit in year 2000.

However, there was the need to professionalize the Public Relation Department.  Thus in line with the Civil Service Rules, the name changed from Public Relation Department to Information Department.

In July 2009, the hitherto Public Relations Department commenced full operations as the Information Department of the Hospital with two Chief Information Officers appointed and other staff in the Information Officer Cadre employed.  The Information Department was given the clear mandate of revitalizing and professionalizing the Information and strategic communication mechanism of the Hospital with a view of creating a global recognition for the Hospital that has produced more than half of the medical personnel in Nigeria.

Since 2009 that the Information Department came into being, projecting the image of the Hospital has grown in leaps and bounds with the Hospital becoming more recognized and attaining global reckoning. Activities resumed and continued in the best global practice.

  • Mr. M.I. Ladapo  May 1977
  • Mr. J.B. Tayo  May 1977 – June 1986
  • Mrs. T.O. Faboya   Dec. 1986 – August 1988
  • Mr. Toye Oladimeji  Aug. 1988 – October 1991
  • Mr. E.O. Eniola (Late)  Nov. 1991 – February 1998
  • Mr. Kunle Atinwore  Oct. 2000 – June 2009
  • Mr. Toye Akinrinlola  July 2009 – July 2011
  • Mr. Ayodeji Bobade  July 2011 – October 2013
  • Mr. Toye Akinrinlola  Oct. 2013 – August 2014
  • Mr. Ayodeji Bobade  Aug. 2014 – 2019.
  • Mr. A.A. Akinrinlola 2019 – 2022.
  • Mrs Adetuyibi Obafunmilayo 2022- till date
  • Establishing and maintaining effective communication among the departments in the hospital as well as the various groups and institutions outside the hospital.
  • Promoting the corporate image of the Hospital to the public.
  • Fostering cordial relationship between the hospital and the immediate community and also between the hospital and the larger community.
  • Liaising between the hospital and other agencies of government whose function relate to the UCH.
  • Coordinating the Hospital’s internal and external visitors.
  • Establishing and sustaining a good relationship with the press and in all circumstances stand in the gap for unwarranted exposure of the hospital’s activities to the public.
  • Acting as the gate keeper for all information coming into the Hospital.
  • Publishing information about events and developments in the Hospital
  • Obtaining feedbacks from the public on the activities of the Hospital
  • Analyzing and synthesizing reports about the Hospital to the management from time to time.
  • Acting as the clearing house of information going outside the Hospital.
  • Editorial Unit
  • Passages and Protocol Unit
  • Patient Relations Unit
  • Event Management and Training Unit
  • Information Centre Unit
  • Media and Technical Unit
  • Closed User Group (CUG) Unit
  • Medical Museum Unit
  • Emergency Unit
  • Website Unit
  • Covering and reporting events in the hospital.
  • Writing reports and stories that pertain to the hospital.
  • Quarterly production of Newsreel.
  • Organising Press Conference as at when necessary.
  • Media Relations.
  • Developing a photo display board.
  • To serve as rapporteurs at Hospital’s event.
  • Assist in visa processing.
  • Give advice to both staff and students on travelling issues.
  • Assist in International Passport processing
  • Assist in getting air tickets to different destination both locally and abroad.
  • To receive accommodate and ensure that all guests to the Hospital are well taken care of.
  • To put in place a highly effective feedback mechanism from our patients and their relations.  To put in place patients’ complaints boxes to be strategically located within the Hospital premises to get a non-biased feedback from patients related issues.
  • A well-defined and unambiguous reporting pattern (formal) is being proposed whereby regular updates which span observations, patients’ feedback and actions steps would be given on a daily basis to aid management decision or follow up on patient related issues.
  • A new T-Shirt (Ask Me) was given to enhance the patient relations work and also get a good publicity in the hospital.
  • Handle Board meetings and the welfare of the Board members.
  • Organise/Coordinate social events in the hospital
  • Liaise with the management at organizing programmes
  • Coordinate in-house training for Departmental staff
  • Coordinate the training of students on SIWES Programme in the Department.
  • Conduct Students who are on facility tours to the hospital.
  • Disseminating information to visitors to the centre.
  • Directing patients/patient relations to places within the Hospital.
  • Handling and receiving calls forwarded from the UCH Help line.

PR Staff Presence at the Accident & Emergency:  Their functions are as follows:

    • Prompt intervention in areas of crisis
    • Linkage among all categories of people that visit the hospital i.e. staff, clients and their relations
    • Ordering of flow of people into the cubicles
    • Taking consults and ensuring Doctors respond promptly to consults
    • Inter-facing between internal and external publics
    • Distributor of tallies to curtail and contain unwarranted movement of visitors around
  • We give maximum and quality media coverage to all events of the hospital
  • We train our Intern students on how to handle media coverage.
  • We give maximum and quality media coverage to all events of the hospital
  • We train our Intern students on how to handle media coverage.
  • To create more awareness to all members of staff both medical and non-medical staff about the Medical Museum.
  • There will be need for more Historic ArtIfact for display in the Museum from other departments within the Hospital.
  • The unit needs more professional training about curating, arranging of artIfacts in the Museum
  • To visit other medical and non-medical, in order to be aware of how Museums are    being properly arranged and operates.
  • To ensure cordial business relationship between the Hospital and our service provider – MTN.
  • To attend to staff with various complaints as regards the phones allocated to them.
  • To follow up on the monthly bills received from MTN to ensure prompt payment.
  • To upload Newsreel.
  • To upload pictures of event on facebook, Twitter etc.
  • To respond to mails (i.e. Enquiries made via the Internet about UCH).
  • To liaise with the Information Technology Department to manage the content of UCH website.
  • To create and maintain relationship between the hospital and its public globally through the internet.
  • Creation of the nine units in the department.
  • Medical Museum.
  • Publication of Hospital’s Echo Magazine.
  • PR presence at the Emergency.
  • Publication of the Hospital’s Newsreel
  • Presence of the new Information Centre
  • Dispute resolution between the patient’s relations and staff of the Hospital.
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