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The present Information Technology Department was commissioned as the Computer and Data Management Unit (UCH) in July, 1988 during the tenure of Prof. Olukayode Osuntokun as Chief Medical Director. At this time, the Unit had 7 (Seven) members of Staff (which has now grown to 45).

The Pioneer head of the Unit was Mr. M.A Adetunji who worked assiduously with Consultant Biostatistician, Dr. E.A Bamgboye (now a Professor of Biostatistics and former Deputy Vice Chancellor [Administration], University of Ibadan).

In the year 2004, the Computer and Data Management Unit was renamed as the Information Technology Department under the headship of Mr. M.A. Adetunji. He remained the head of department till 2011 when Mr Ogedengbe was appointed as Head of Department.

Over the years, the Information Technology Department has been responsible for the development, implementation and support of the IT systems, services and infrastructure within the Hospital. In line with the tripartite functions of the Hospital, the department leverages reliable and emerging technologies as well as available information resources to support effective teaching activities, research, and the delivery of excellent health care services.

The department also provides services and expert advice to health care professionals and students within the hospital with a view to maximizing the potentials of Information Technology in information security and system improvement.

In 2007, the Management took a giant stride by embarking on extensive installation of Wired and Wireless Network across the entire hospital. Computers and servers were also purchased to implement eHealth Records within the hospital. This period equally witnessed compulsory computer literacy of members of staff which led to the formation of a computer training unit.

Since the commencement of the Prof. Temitope Alonge led administration, several landmark achievements have been recorded by the department. This began with the commissioning of the eRadiology initiative. This initiative gives clinicians in clinics, wards and theatres quick access to radiological images (CT Scan, digital x-ray and MRI) on the hospital network without stress. This has further advanced the quality of health care services that is being rendered by the Hospital.

In line with her commitment towards excellence in the performance of the tripartite functions, the Hospital Management under the Prof. Temitope Alonge led administration also further improved the communication system within the hospital by making provision for institutional email for all members of staff. This was adequately backed by the provision of stable internet services.

Furthermore, in view of the vision of the Prof. Temitope Alonge led administration for the Hospital to be up-to-date with global trends in ICT, several other initiatives were implemented at enviable standards. For instance, a new website was designed for the hospital which features consultants’ profile, contact information of all key personnel as well as information about services and the hospital departments. The website is consistently updated as required.

Evidently, the achievements recorded by the department have been made possible via the verve of the hospital Management to significantly advance the Hospital in every sphere. Other recorded achievements which the department has greatly benefitted from include:

  • The Implementation of HMIS at the Central Records and the Chief Tony Anenih Geriatric Center. This has made it possible to capture more than 200,000 and 12,000 patients’ records in the main hospital and in the Geriatric Center respectively.
  • The design and development of Computer Based Test Application used for the annual promotion examination and employment exercises.
  • The design, development and implementation of Biometric Identity Card printing software used to produce staff ID card.
  • Preventive and curative maintenance of the hospital’s information technology equipment.
  • The provision of a suitable Server Room.
  • Provision and implementation of a Laboratory Information System which interfaces with the Laboratory Machines so that patients’ results can be generated and sent to the requesting doctors electronically.
  • Installation of fiber optic cable to the Radiology Department, the Smart Classroom, the Geriatric Center, the Adebutu Rehabilitation Center and extension of both wireless and wired network.
  • The provision of a 50-seat capacity Smart Classroom.
  • The design and development of Local Purchase order software for the Procurement Department.
  • The provision of a Voice Over IP Service (Voice and video call via the network, capable of replacing the existing PABX system).
S/NName of Head of DepartmentPeriod of Headship
1Mr. M.A. Adetunji1988 – 2008; 2008 – 2011
2Mr. Idowu Ogedengbe2011 – till present

What services are provided?

  • Service Desk (2327, 2484) – operating between 08:00 and 17:00, contactable by visiting, by phone. They aim to resolve as many problems and request as possible at the first point of contact.
  • Desktop Support (3108, 08174607575) – to resolve issues with IT devices that are used by our staff. These will include PCs, laptops, printers and mobile devices.
  • Applications Support and Implementation (08174607577)– Implementing Hospital Information System, helping our staff use their IT systems, and liaison with Suppliers and the other Technical teams.
  • Network Infrastructures (2484,08174607573) – these are the ‘back-office’ technical team, with the specialist skills that keep the core server and network systems running smoothly.
  • Software Development – provision of new applications; building and maintaining modified software, website development.
  • Identity Management – Executes all identity related project in the hospital, Printing of Biometric Card and Implementation of identification management system that would ensure the uniqueness of all staff in the hospital, which would automate and improve the planning processes and also enhance delivery of services.
  • Computer Training– provide computer training to schools in the hospital, staff and outsiders. Conduct of computer test for the promotion and employment exercise.
  • Database : ensure database availability, integrity and security
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