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Family Dentistry is a discipline which integrates several specialties in dentistry into a new whole. It is concerned with the holistic approach to patient oral health care in which the individual is seen in his totality and in the context of his family and community.

The Department of Family Dentistry, formerly called General Dental Practice (GDP), University College Hospital (UCH) was established by the Finance and Management Committee of the Hospital on 8th October, 2008 and was visited by the Faculty of Family Dentistry, National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria on the 14th to 16th December 2009, for the training of Resident Doctors in Family Dentistry in line with decree 67 of 24th September 1979. The Department had its first accreditation which was partial in the year 2014. The full accreditation of the Department was however granted in year 2016.

The Faculty of Family Dentistry of the NPMCN under which the Department of Family Dentistry in UCH subsumed is strictly a hospital based faculty, unlike the Faculty of Dental Surgery, which belongs to both the College of Medicine and UCH as an academic Faculty.

We are grateful to Professor Gbemisola Oke, Professor Abiodun O. Ilesanmi and Professor Temitope O. Alonge for the roles they played in the establishment of the department. Professor Juliana O. Taiwo, was the Pioneer Head of Department and the Initiator of the establishment of the department of family dentistry in UCH, Ibadan.

Presently, the Department operates two (2) units:

  1. Family Dentistry Clinic GOPD/Family Medicine Complex UCH, Ibadan.
  2. Family Dentistry Clinic, University of Ibadan Health Services (Jaja), University of Ibadan, Ibadan.

We also run clinics at the Chief Tony Anenih Geriatric Centre and Palliative Care center, UCH, Ibadan twice weekly.

To produce world class Family Dentistry Practitioners with outstanding skills and in-depth knowledge of dentistry including patient care, education, research and administration, irrespective of where they are employed.

To provide an excellent, prompt and comprehensive dental care to the broadest possible spectrum of the population, contribute to basic medical/dental and clinical research, train future professionals and academic leaders in the field of Family Dentistry and to always strive for quality service delivery and continuous self improvement.

  • Diagnosing oral Diseases.
  • Promoting oral health.
  • Preventing occurrence of oral diseases through early recognition.
  • Creating treatment plans to maintain or restore oral health of patients.
  • Spotting early signs in the mouth that many indicate diseases elsewhere in the body and when appropriate, patients’ referral to other dental specialists and physicians.
  • Producing well-trained general dentists through training.
  • Management of unique problems of the geriatric patient in relation to oral health care.
  • To conduct research in oral health and general health related to oral health.


Family Dental ClinicGOPD UCH/Family Medicine Complex 


Mon – Fri



8am – 4pm



4pm – 8am

Family Dental





Jaja, University Of Ibadan



Mon – Fri



8am – 4pm




Dental ClinicChief Tony Anenih, Geriatric Centre, UCH 






8am – 4pm




Dental ClinicPalliative Care Centre, UCHMon



8am – 4pm4pm-8am



The training programme lasts for six years and is divided into junior and senior residency training. Intending residents are required to have knowledge in biochemistry, embryology and histology of the face, gross anatomy of the head and neck, nervous system, endocrine system, muscle and autonomic nervous system, blood and immunity, respiratory system and gastro-intestinal system. A passed primary examination is required before the onset of the residency programme.

The Residency Training Programme is in two levels:

1) Junior Residency- Part I Training

2) Senior Residency- Part II Training

Candidates are trained for a minimum of two and half years i.e. 30 months after passing the Primary Examination of the faculty of Family Dentistry.  They also must have been registered as an associate fellow of the college and maintain their names in the college register for a minimum of two years.  The junior residents should have covered a wide range of practice experiences including: Oral Diagnosis,  Oral Pathology, Oral Medicine, Oral Radiology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Paediatric dentistry, Orthodontics, Periodontology ,Conservative Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Preventive and Community Dentistry.

After the minimum period of two and a half years and with satisfactory coverage of the curriculum as attested to by the clinical Consultant in charge of the training, the hospital shall sign a completion certificate which the candidate shall forward to the secretary of the faculty Board for approval and signature.  With this the candidate can proceed to the Part I Examination.

After passing the Part I examination, the candidate shall proceed for the senior residency or Part II training.  The candidate will be train for a minimum of three years.  During this period, the candidate will rotate two months in Oral Surgery, Community dentistry, Oral Medicine/Pathology, Conservative dentistry, Prosthetics dentistry, Periodontology and Community dentistry, Paediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics. As well as one month rotation in the dental clinic at Geriatric and Palliative Care centres respectively. A compulsory two (2) weeks training in Research methodology and Health Management Administration is required.

After completion of the 1 year rotation in the above departments, the senior resident shall practice and acquire skills in the Family Dentistry clinics under the supervision of a consultant (fellow of the Faculty of Family Dentistry) for a period of two (2) years. A Clinical Case Book and Dissertation based upon their experiences shall be prepared by the candidates, after which he/ she shall proceed to write the Part II examination.

  1. Routine tooth extractions
  2. Surgical Extraction
  3. Incision and drainage of abscess
  4. Fillings: amalgam, composites, pin retained fillings
  5. Endodontic treatment on anterior and posterior teeth
  6. Vital and non vital tooth bleaching
  7. Crowns and bridgework
  8. Acrylic partial dentures
  9. Deep scaling, root planning, scaling and polishing
  10. Stainless steel crowns on primary teeth
  11. Pulp therapy on children’s teeth
  12. Management of fractured incisors
  13. Topical fluoridation
  14. Removable orthodontic appliances

The Department of Family Dentistry presently has 24 members of staff

1Prof. J.O TaiwoConsultant (Pioneer Head Of Department)
2.Dr.  W. O. NasiruConsultant (Present Head of Department)
3.Dr. C. A. AkinyamojuConsultant
4.Dr. A. O. BalogunConsultant
5.Dr. A. AmbekeSenior Registrar
6.Dr. S. O. OlagbaSenior Registrar
7.Dr. O. O. SoyeleSenior Registrar (Supernumerary)
8.Dr. O. B. AdeyemiRegistrar
9.Dr.  A. O. AjimokoRegistrar
10.Dr. H. O. TimothyRegistrar
11.Dr. E. I. AkinboroRegistrar
12.Dr. O. S. AsawoleRegistrar
13.Dr. C. E. AsikaRegistrar
14.Dr. O. L. DadaRegistrar
15.Dr. A. L. OsuRegistrar
16.Dr. O. AkandeRegistrar
17.Mrs. G. T. OyelakinSenior Confidential Secretary
18.Miss. O. J. AjibolaHigher Dental Surgery Technician







19.Mrs. R. S. AborisadeDental Surgery Technician
20.Mrs. F. B. AdebayoDental Surgery Technician
21.Mrs. T. O. OgunrindeAsst. Chief Clerical Officer
22.Mrs. O. O. AkintolaClerical Officer
23.Miss. F. A. AbuClerical Officer
24.Mr. A. A. BejideHealth Attendant



S/NoAward nameDate/YearRecipients of the Award
1.       Best candidate for the Part I Examination


     Award for  best dissertation






Dr. Tomina O. George

2.      Best candidate for the Part I Examination for Faculty of Family Dentistry2013 


Dr. Akinyamoju C. A.

3.      Best candidate for the Part I Examination for Faculty of Family Dentistry2016Dr. Agbogidi J. M.
4.                Best  Residents Presentation at the Annual Scientific Conference and All Fellows Congress (ASCAF) Owerri


     Best candidate for the Part II Examination for Family Dentistry




Dr. Balogun A. O.


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