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The inception of the General Administration Department within the Directorate of Administration in 1993 marked a strategic move aimed at fulfilling the specific responsibilities of servicing designated Committees. Designed as an administrative entity, its establishment was geared towards enhancing the overall efficiency of the Directorate of Administration. To accomplish this objective, the Department operates with a workforce comprising approximately 390 professionals across various cadres, including Administrative Officers, Executive Officers, Secretarial Staff, and Clerical Staff. Additionally, the Department oversees the supervision of personnel in roles such as Key Room Attendants, Security personnel, Craftsmen in tailoring, Health Attendants, and Sanitary Attendants. These personnel are deployed across different units within the Department, where they execute various administrative tasks diligently.


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Period of Headship


Mrs. Idowu I. Oyedele



Mrs. I.G. Owosekun



Mrs. O.M. Adepoju



Mr. A.O. Nwaowu



Mr. S.O. Oladejo



Mr. A.K. Shiyanbola



Mr. A. Atinwore



Mrs. I.O. Olaleye



Mrs. G. F. Logun



Mrs. Oki



Mrs. B.K. Fawole

2024-till date


Laundry Services

The Department ensures that all hospital linen and other clothing materials are properly maintained by the companies that such responsibilities have been contracted out to. The Department also checks the bills being forwarded by the companies for proper verification. This activity is carried out by the Officer in charge who ensures that the monthly report of the Service Officer corresponds with the report sent by the Company before payment is made.

Tailoring Services

The department ensures that requisitions from the various Wards/Clinics are attended to promptly to ensure that the company the tailoring services have been contracted out to do not over-charge the Hospital. The Company also complements the Tailoring Unit when the need arises.

Cleaning Companies

The department inspects and oversees the activities of the various cleaning companies that have been employed to provide efficient cleaning services within the Hospital. While supervising the companies, the department ensures that the cleaning companies abide by the terms of their agreement with the Hospital in every respect. These include ensuring that the company uses the approved number of personnel, and that the cleaners are courteous, hardworking and disciplined while carrying out their duties. Cleaning materials used for the coverage of different areas of the Hospital are also inspected by the Department to ensure adequacy.

Internal and External Security

The security of the Hospital was hitherto handled by a Unit under the General Administration Department. However, following some developments, there was an adjustment in the supervisory structure of the security of the hospital which saw to the supervision of the hospital security by the Chief Security Officer. Despite these adjustments, it remains pertinent for the General Administration Department to be consistently briefed on the operations of the security outfits within the Hospital, the number of personnel being used and the number of beats and zones available. This information would help to justify payment to the security outfit(s).

Insurance Matters

The Department oversees the insurance of Hospital properties such as buildings, medical equipment, hospital vehicles among others. On the administrative end, the Department is responsible for treating correspondences relating to insurance matters.

Key Room Management

The Department supervises the activities of the Key Room of the Hospital. The Key Room of the Hospital is the place where the keys of the various Departments, Units, Wards, Clinics, and other areas within the Hospital under lock and key and vehicles are submitted. The Unit equally sees to the allocation of keys to members of staff within the Hospital. These members of Staff are individuals who would have been registered and as such made eligible to collect these keys from the Key Room to open office/clinic/store-rooms/theatre room/other entrance doors for other members of the department. Members of Staff from the Transport Unit also submit keys of the Hospital vehicles to the Key Room for safe keep.

Post Office Matters

The department is responsible for sorting registered letters from post offices, for which purpose it prepares slips indicating the owners of the letters as well as their departments. These letters can also be collected from the General Administration Department upon the presentation of slips.

Administrative function on the Allocation of Shops and Garages in the Hospital

The department handles correspondences relating to requests for the use of shops and garages within the Hospital. The role of the department in the process of allocation includes conveying the approval of the Chief Medical Director of the Hospital to interested applicants and stating the conditions attached to the approval.

Supervision of Corps Members posted to the Hospital from the Secretariat of the National Youth Service Corps

As part of the requirements of their service year, Corps members are posted to various organizations and centers to serve and learn for a one-year period. Those posted to the Hospital are under the supervision of the General Administration Department. They see to the deployment of the Corps members to various Departments/Units within the Hospital, and as well, issue monthly clearance letters which is taken by the Corps members to the NYSC Secretariat on a monthly basis. Additionally, the department at the end of the service year issues the final clearance letter to the Corps Members.

Responsibilities formerly handled by the Department

Some responsibilities used to be handled by the Department before changes were effected by Management to have these functions performed by other Departments/Units within the Hospital for the purpose of efficiency. These include the Metering of the Hospital Complex which involves the installation of meters within the shops and residential areas within the Hospital. This has however been allocated to the Total Facility Management Department. Another responsibility in this regard, is the administrative supervision of the various business ventures within the Hospital such as block industry, fishery, the Emeritus Prof. Theophilus Multipurpose Hall, the bakery service, among others. This responsibility has however been allocated to the Audit Department.

Other Responsibilities Handled by the Department

In addition to the aforementioned responsibilities, the Department executes the underlisted functions:

  • Monitoring of Health Attendants, Sanitary Attendants and internal security
  • Administrative coverage of some Committees.

These include:  The Finance and Management Committee, the Security Committee, the Staff Welfare Committee, ad-hoc Committees as set up by the Management, Panels of Enquiry.

  • Correspondence with the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria
  • Correspondence on sessional staff
  • Correspondence with banks
  • Ensuring that halls are adequately paid for before use.
  • Issuance of family form for usage in the Staff Clinic

The Department has contributed to the development of the hospital in various ways. These include:

  • The successful organization of the Hospital Wide Grand Round
  • The Department has successfully ensured that shop owners do not default in the payment of their rent.
  • The Department ensures that the Laundry Unit does not delay in the supply of linen to the wards and clinics.
  • The department has successfully supervised the activities of the Tailoring Unit. The Unit is involved in sewing bed sheets, pillow cases, Laboratory coats, Security uniforms, SERVICOM uniforms and School of Nursing uniforms.
  • The department ensures a clean and serene environment by monitoring the activities of the cleaning companies.
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