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The Building Department is a newly formed department formally called Estate unit under works department. The department is responsible for supervision of capital projects/direct labor, maintenance of existing structures, landscaping, road maintenance etc. The department is sub-divided into six major units namely: Civil Engineering (Carpentry/Furniture & Fittings, Painting, Bricklaying and Glazing), Horticulture, Architecture, Quantity Survey, Estate/Housing, Land Survey/Physical planning.

  1. Andrew a white man was the first Maintenance Officer from 1957 to early 60s.
  2. Shitta – Bay a Nigeria took over from Mr. Andrew in early 60s.
  3. S.F.Kola came in as a Deputy Maintenance Officer in April 1967.
  4. Kola took over from Mr. Shitta – Bay on his retirement in June 1986 while Engr. Kola was serving simultaneously as head of Capital Project Department.
  5. Maintenance Department and Capital Project Department were fused to make the new Building Department in July 1997.
  6. S.F.Kola was appointed the first Assistant Director to head new Building Department.
  7. Olu Babalola in acting capacity took over from Engr.S.F.Kola on his retirement in April 1999.
  8. M.A.Ajala took over in 2021 till date.

 To give the best quality and satisfactory to the management

  • To give standard quality maintenance and acceptable services.
  • To make the built environment safe and healthy for the hospital premises.

There are six sub units in the Department, which are:

  • Civil Engineering (Carpentry/Furniture & Fittings, Painting, Bricklaying and Glazing)
  • Horticulture
  • Architecture
  • Quantity Survey
  • Estate/Housing
  • Land Survey/Physical planning.


Civil engineering unit deals with the design, construction and maintenance of physical and natural built environment, including public works such as roads, culverts, drainages, structural components of the buildings.

Roles of Civil Engineering Unit. 

  • Supervision of capital intensive projects and direct labor.
  • Maintenance of the roads, culverts, constructions of drainage.
  • Maintenance of the building within the hospital premises
  • Design and details structural analysis of structure, supervision of artisans(i.e. carpenter,bricklayers,glazing and painters) during project execution
  • Carrying out of assessment of facilities considered for renovations and preparing necessary technical details.

Sections under Civil Engineering Unit include:

  • Carpentry section

Construction and repair of the building frame work, furniture and fittings in the hospitals

  • Painting section

 Preparing painting surfaces mixing, matching and applying paints and other desired finishes to various surfaces with all necessary intensive painting art work.

  • Glazer/Fittings section

Glaziers install glass in windows, aluminum, sky light and various fixtures in stores, commercial building home and vehicles .they follow blue prints and cut glass to specified sizes and shape, and they remove old and broken glass before installing new panels.

  • Bricklaying section

Bricklayers lay bricks, pre-cut stone and concrete blocks in mortar. They construct, extend and repair domestic and commercial building and other structures such as foundations, wall, chimney or decorative masonry work.

Roles of Horticulture Unit:

  • Landscaping and beautification
  • Raising of hedges and ornamental plants
  • Designing and installation of kerbs and interlocking tiles.
  • Trimming of hedges
  • Cutting and trimming of trees
  • Clearing of lawns and bushes
  • Wetting and Maintenance of hedges.
  • Maintenance of tractors, brush cutters and lawn mowers.

Architects in construction plays an important role and they are responsible for design aesthetics appearance of the buildings, design and structures before final structural design.The architects develop design that are more creative in aesthetics.

Roles of Architect in construction

  1. Meeting with clients and determining their needs and required.
  2. Developing and presenting project proposals.
  3. Preparing drawings, blueprints, specifications and Construction documents.
  4. Adjusting designs and plans to meet the client’s needs
  5. Complying with safety standards and local planning regulations.
  6. Managing project teams and collaboration with other Construction professionals

7. Conducting research and compiling reports on feasibility and environmental impact.

Capital project unit in a unit formerly under works department but now under the newly created Building Department. The unit is presently having five (5) surveyors.

The unit is saddled with the following responsibilities:

  1. To serve as an In-house Quantity surveyor and cost expert to the Hospital
  2. To do cost analysis
  3. Liaising with Hospital project consultants on construction products to ensure conformity with the designs.
  4. Technical and financial Bid evaluation and analysis
  5. Preparation of contract documents
  6. Project Monitoring
  7. Advisory capacity on matters relating to construction cost for PPP Projects
  8. Serving as members of constituted committees with the Hospital
  9. Attending of site meetings for efficiency and timely delivery of the projects
  10. Ensuring capital projects development from inception to commissioning and maintenance within the Hospital.

Estate/Housing unit is to advice on investments with a view to making positive returns. In addition, the duties of Estate/Housing Unit are as follows;

  1. Determining the rental value of all descriptions of landed property and of the various interests there in within the hospital.
  2. Managing all residential properties within the hospital.
  3. Securing the optimal use of the land belonging to the Hospital and it’s associated resources to meet social and economic needs.
  4. Inspecting conditions if buildings and their services.
  5. Measuring and delineating the physical features of the earth.
  6. Monitoring and supervising authorized occupants of the residential properties to make sure

     that they are adhering to laid down rules of the Hospital.

  1. Supervision of payment of all utilities including rent, electricity and security
  2. Regular inspection of the residential properties which includes the Hostels
  3. Assisting in general administrative duties in the department.

The role of a land surveyor in construction includes the measurement of properties sold or purchased. Surveyors locate buildings, roads and utilities for real estate developers or measure the exact limits of mining claims and Mark their locations on the maps collectively.

Roles of Land Surveying

  1. Perform duties related to land surveying for identifying land ownership and property.
  2. Conduct records management activities and perform historical and legal land surveying

    Project contracts.

  1. Provide consistent and superior quality documents for surveys, design and building projects

    for all clients in region.

  1. Provide vertical and horizontal control maps and government cost estimate for mapping and

     survey projects.

  1. Read, Utilize and interpret design drawings and topographic maps.
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