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Head of Department

Prof. Babatunde B. OSINAIKE


The Department of Anaesthesia has been an integral part of the Hospital since inception in 1958. The Department has been responsible for the provision of Anaesthesia to patients. Anaesthetists also work as intensive care physicians who provide care to patients that are admitted in the Intensive Care Unit. At the onset, the Department was called the Anaesthetics Department. At the time, there was a shortage of Consultant Anaesthetists within the Hospital to which end a number of British Anaesthetists were offered contract appointments. These individuals included Dr. V. Fowler, and Dr. D.J. Walters, both of whom were on contract appointments between 1960 and 1964. In addition, Dr. Ronald S. Lambie was seconded to Nigeria in 1965 under the auspices of External Aids, Canada.
In 1966, a separate academic Department of Anaesthesia was created under the Headship of Prof. L.M. Beckham (M.D.). During his tenure as Head of Department, Dr. Beckham initiated many laudable programmes including the overseas recruitment of Anaesthetists and the training of local (Nigerian) doctors in the specialty of Anaesthesia before the commencement of the fellowship training. On the 30th of June, 1971, Prof. S.A. Oduntan succeeded Prof. L.M. Beckham as the substantive Head of Department.
The first head of the Anaesthesia Department was Dr. Phyllis M. Edwards who became the Head of Department on the 1st of April, 1959. Below is a comprehensive list of the Heads of the Anaesthesia Departments from inception till date.


Name of Departmental Head

Period of Headship


Dr. Phyllis Mary Edwards



Dr. D.R. Rigg Graham



Dr. D.J. Walters



Dr. P.O. Nwachukwu/Dr. R.Y. Gool



Dr. R.S. Lambie



Dr. P.O. Nwachukwu



Dr. Rustum Y. Gool



Prof. L.M. Beckham



Prof. S.A. Oduntan



Prof. J.A.O. Magbagbeola



Prof. O.O. Akinyemi



Prof. C.E. Famewo



Dr. (Mrs.) Patience T. Sotunmbi

1989-1990;1993-1994, 1996-1998, 2004-2008


Prof. Simbo D. Amanor-Boadu



Dr. Arinola A. Sanusi



Dr. Olayinka R. Eyelade



Dr. B.B. Osinaike



Dr Olayinka R. Eyelade

2019-till date

Innovative Research has been the bedrock of anaesthetic practice in the Department since inception. Lung function studies were pioneered by Professor S.A. Oduntan in the Departmental Laboratory on the second floor in the central area of the Hospital building. Also, Prof. J.A.O. Magbagbeola pioneered research projects in the areas of ‘Determination of Tube Size for Endotracheal Intubation in an African Population’ and ‘Metabolic Response of Nigerian Patients to Anaesthesia and Surgery’.

Other landmark achievements of the previous Heads of Departments of Anaesthesia include:

Dr. D.J. Walters (HOD-1962-1963)
Dr. Walters introduced many innovations into the practice of Anaesthesia including the “Waters to & fro breathing circuit” (Br. J. Anaesth 1961; 33: 417). The first Postgraduate course was held under his headship in February, 1961.

Prof. LM Beckham (HOD: 1965 – July, 1968)

The Department became a fully-fledged academic Department under the headship of Professor L.M. Beckham sequel to which the first set of students for the Diploma in Anaethesia certification, University of Ibadan, were admitted in 1968. He also started the first Intensive Care Unit which co-existed with the Recovery room adjacent to the main operating theatre complex on the first floor, central area, UCH, Ibadan (now being used as Reception area for surgical patients).

Prof. SA Oduntan (HOD: 1969 – 1971; 1971-80)

He is the first indigenous Head of Department. The first Diplomates in Anaesthesia anywhere in Nigeria were produced under his Headship. He pioneered many research activities including Lung Function Studies, Blood loss estimation studies and Blood gas studies during anaesthesia and in the postoperative period. (Afr J Med med Sci 1970; 1: 79-84). He is the past Chairman, Faculty of Anaesthesia of both the West African College of Surgeons and the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria.

Prof. J.A.O. Magbagbeola (HOD: 1980-1983)

He promoted the use of Regional Anaesthesia such as intercostal blocks for Cardio-thoracic surgeries and Epidural Anaesthesia for Obstetric patients.

Prof. O.O. Akinyemi (HOD: 1983- 1986)

The exact place for Acupuncture analgesia for surgery in Nigeria was not known until Professor O.O. Akinyemi’s study in this area was  published in 1981 (Acupunct Electrother Res. 1981; 6:159-168). It was also during the period of his headship that the first open heart surgery in UCH, Ibadan was performed. Additionally, he formally introduced the Consultant Anaesthetist round in the ICU in September, 1983. This is now routinely carried out by Consultant Anaesthetists in the Hospital.

Dr. (Mrs.) Eniola O. Elegbe (HOD: 1986-1988)

The first success at the Part II FNMC examination was recorded under her tenure as Head of Department. She has also occupied the Office of the Chairman, Faculty of Anaesthesia, West African College of Surgeons.

Prof. C.E. Famewo (HOD: 1991-1993)

He collaborated with Prof. O.O. Akiyemi to establish the first pain clinic for the treatment of patients with chronic pain. He also held the offices of the Chairman, Faculty of Anaesthesia, Nigerian Postgraduate Medical College and President, Nigerian Society of Anaesthetists, respectively.

Prof. Olaitan A. Soyannwo (HOD: 1990- Aug., 1991; 1994-Aug., 1996; 1998-Aug., 2002)

Professor O.A. Soyannwo is the first and foremost Nigerian in the field of Pain and Palliative Care and through her initiative and fore-sightedness, Palliative Care was introduced to the University College Hospital, Ibadan. She is a former Dean, Faculty of Clinical Sciences, College of Medicine, UI, the foundation President, Society for the Study of Pain in Nigeria and member of many International organizations including IASP.

Dr. (Mrs.) Patience T. Sotunmbi (HOD: 1989-June, 1990; 1993-Aug., 1994; 1996-Aug. 1998; 2004-July, 2008)

She was the first Fellow (UCH, Ibadan) by examination of the Faculty of Anaesthesia, National Postgraduate Medical College, Nigeria.

Prof. Simbo D. Amanor-Boadu (HOD: July, 1990- Oct., 1990; 2002- July 2004; Aug. 2008- July, 2012)

She is the immediate past Chairman, Faculty of Anaesthesia, West African College of Surgeon and a past President of the Society for the Study of Pain, Nigeria.

Dr. Arinola A. Sanusi (HOD: Aug. 2004- July, 2006)

She is the immediate past Chairman of the Faculty of Anaesthesia, National Postgraduate Medical College.

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