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Brief History of Total Facility Management Department:

The Department known as Total Facility Management Department today was formerly of different department mainly known as Engineering and Maintenance Departments. Their historical background are:

(a) Engineering Department

It was founded at the same year with University College Hospital. It is one of the old Departments created at the inception. There is no available documents or handover notes to give the chronicles of the Head of Department and tenure in office. Available verbal information revealed the underlisted as Head of Department.

  • Engr. Tindor - 1955 – 1958
  • Engr. G. Oduntan - 1959 – 1963
  • Engr. J. A. Solotan -
  • Mr. C. R. Arimah
  • Engr. T. A. Lawore - 1991 – 2007
(b) Maintenance Department:

The Department was established at inception of the hospital in 1957 and was known as Maintenance Department with Mr. A. R. Andrew as the first Head of Department. In 1962, Mr. A. R. Andrew who was a British Citizen withdrew his service from the Hospital and returned to his country.

Mr. H. A. Shitta-Bay, who was his Assistant automatically, became the head of Maintenance Department with Mr. S.F. Kola as his Assistant. The Department then was responsible for maintenance of buildings and grounds which includes estate and roads. It was also responsible for minor capital works, structural modification and repairs in offices and residential quarters. Most of the works then were done by direct labour which include architectural work, cost estimate structural designs and some other related works like bricklaying, carpentry works etc.

In 1977, during the time of Mr. H. A. Shitta-Bay, a new department came to limelight from the existing Maintenance Department named Capital Project and Development Department for the purpose of coordinating and supervising all capital projects embarked upon in the late 70’s and was headed by Mr. S. F. Kola.

In 1986, Mr. H. A. Shitta-Bay voluntarily retired from service, while Mr. S. F. Kola was asked to oversee the Maintenance Department as well as his sister’s Department.

In 1987, Mr. A. O. Babalola was employed as the Head of Maintenance Department, he was head until when Maintenance was merged with Capital Project and Development Department under a new name (Building Department) and Mr. S. F. Kola became the head of Building department while Mr. A. O. Babalola was his assistant. Not long than a year after the creation of Building Department, Mr. S. F. Kola retired and his Assistant became the Head of Department.

In 2004, Building, Engineering, Instrument and Biomedical Departments were merged and named Works Department with Engr. T. A. Lawore as Head.

In 2006, Building and Engineering under Works Department were scrapped and also all its staff were reformed under the Federal Government Privatization policy.

However due to Federal Government Reform Exercise some officers were retained on transitional basis headed by Engr. T. A. Lawore.

In March, 2011 the support service was brought back to life under the new Chief Medical Director, Professor T. O. Alonge, when the Total Facility Management Department was created and headed by Mr. P.O. Olaosun, Deputy Director of Administration. The Department has five different units, viz: Maintenance Unit, Estate Unit, Capital Project Unit, Environmental Unit and Transport Unit. However, the mission of the Department is to have prompt, secure, safe environmentally functional operations and maintenance of hospital assets.


Total Facility Management Department has no other outstanding achievements than it remains (over the years) the department that is responsible for the maintenance/servicing of all the life support facilities of the hospital. The life support facilities include provision of water, maintenance of water reticulation (plumbing) in the main hospital and residential quarters, maintenance of the existing structures and civil engineering works.

International collaborations:

International collaborations include that of VAMED ENGINEERING from Austria

Services offered by the Department:

Maintenance Unit:


  • Provision of Electricity to the Hospital
  • Generation of Electricity through Generator
  • Distribution of Electricity
  • Maintenance of RMU’s, transformers, switch-gears.


  • Repair and maintenance of Hospital Plumbing
  • Production of Water through water Treatment Plant
  • Storage of Water through Concrete tanks and Braithwaite tanks.
  • Distribution of water either by gravity to wards and clinics or by direct pumping to overhead storage tanks by centrifugal surface pumps.
  • Maintenance of all cold water lines and effluent lines within the main Hospital and residential quarters.

Estate Unit

  • Maintenance of the Hospital buildings.
  • Cutting/Trimming of over grown trees covering the illumination of the buildings and threatening the safety of the physical structures, as well as the foundations of the building.
  • Routine painting of various buildings in the Hospital to enhance good maintenance culture.
  • Horticulture, beautification and landscaping of the environment

Capital Project Unit:

  • Proper monitoring of the projects to be executed from the initial stage

Environmental Unit

  • Handling fumigation works
  • Handling disinfectation and deratting of the Hospital
  • Handling disinfectation against termites and pests
  • Supervision of waste management and cleaning service provider.

Transport Unit:

  • To serve as a pool of Hospital vehicles.


To be the flagship tertiary health care institution in the West Africa sub-region, offering world-class training, research and services.

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