Child Oral Health Department


The department of Child Oral Health was established from the department of Preventive Dentistry in the year 2005.  The University College Hospital acknowledged the Departments status in the year 2007.



The department is made up of 2 units – Paediatric dentistry and Orthodontics. The department of Child Oral Health has five (5) Consultants, three (3) Consultants in Paediatric Dentistry unit and two (2) Consultants in Orthodontics unit. There are presently nine Senior Registrar and one Registrar. The department of Child Oral Health has a Secretary and two clerical staffs from University College Hospital. In Child Oral Health clinics there are four (4) Dental Surgery Technicians.


The first acting Head of Department was Dr. Obafunke O. Denloye who served from August 2005 – February 2008. Subsequently, the headship of the department has being on a rotational basis as follows;

  1. Olubunmi O Bankole March 2008  – Feb. 2010
  2. Abigail T. Adeyemi March 2010  – July 2011
  3. Obafunke O. Denloye August 2011 – July 2013
  4. Olubunmi O. Bankole August 2013 – July 2015
  5. Obafunke O. Denloye July 2015      – July 2016 – Till Date



The department of Child Oral Health has since inception trained six (6) Consultants and at present is training nine (9) Resident Doctors.

Academic members of staff have hosted 3 National Conferences which were highly successful. The conferences hosts were Nigerian Association of Orthodontics (NAO) and Nigerian Association of Paediatric Dentistry (NAPD).

The Orthodontic Unit of the department which was grossly underfunded at inception is now one of the leading centres for Orthodontic management in the country and also one of the highest fund generating units in the hospital.


  • Deals with children from birth through adolescence and children with special health care needs.
  • Provide oral health education to children and their parents.
  • Diagnosis of oral diseases in children
  • Treatment of oral diseases which include infection control, restorative treatment, dental trauma management and pulp therapy.
  • Behavioural management of children.
  • Management of child abuse.
  • Organising bi-annual children’s Programme to enlighten school children about proper oral hygiene behavior and dietary counseling with free dental check-ups.


  • Making diagnosis of malocclusion
  • Carrying out preventive interceptive and corrective treatment for malocclusion with appliances.
  • Training of Resident Doctors to become specialists in orthodontics.
  • Carrying out corrective treatment for malocclusion with
  • Removable orthodontic appliances
  • Fixed orthodontic appliances
  • Functional appliances
  • Invisalign


  • Monday Clerking/Treatment clinic
  • Tuesday Theatre Day
  • Wednesday Clerking/ Treatment clinic
  • Thursday Clerking/Treatment clinic
  • Friday Treatment clinic and Seminar day


  • Monday Treatment clinic
  • Tuesday Clerking /New patients
  • Wednesday Clerking/New patients
  • Thursday Treatment clinic
  • Friday Treatment clinic/Seminar & tutorials for residents in training





To be a world class department for academic excellence and ethical clinical practice geared towards societal needs of children and patients requiring orthodontic management.


  • To expand the frontiers of knowledge through provision of excellent conditions for learning and research
  • To promote sound clinical practice and inculcate ethical behavior among practitioners of Paediatric dentistry and Orthodontics.
  • To contribute to the transformation of society through creativity and innovation
  • To serve as a dynamic custodian of society’s salutary values and thus sustain its integrity




Our goals are:

  • Teaching and Learning: To sustain an environment conducive for highest standard teaching and learning that promotes development of excellence and innovation.
  • Research: To conduct quality researches in the field of Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry.
  • Services: To promote prompt and excellent service delivery to children and adolescents in our community.

General Dentistry Practice Department



Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department


The Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is a prominent department in the provision of knowledge and skills in oral and maxillofacial surgical services and research. The Department equally:

  • Fosters and encourages diversity of research, scholarship and interdisciplinary innovation;
  • Nurtures talent and encourage personal achievement
  • Encourages innovation and enterprise, in particular through partnerships with industry, businesses and the community
  • Teaches its students in innovative and effective ways
  • Engages in teaching and research which is internationally recognized and valued.
  • Develops life-long relationships with its alumni to the mutual benefit of the department and the individual

The objective of training highly skilled dental surgeons in the Hospital was initiated with the commencement of the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) Degree programme in 1975. Clinical training of the first batch of dental students started in 1977 and the Bachelor’s of Dental Surgery programme received full accreditation by the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council in 1978.


Before the commencement of the Dental Programme, Dental Surgeons in the University College Hospital, Ibadan, worked in the Department of Surgery. The Department of Dentistry was however created in 1975 under the acting headship of Dr. J.O. Daramola. The other members of staff of the Department at this time were Dr. H. A. Ajagbe and Dr B. O. Abiose. Subsequently in August 1981, the Dentistry Department was split into four autonomous departments. One of these was the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Department. The other departments established at this time were the departments of Restorative Dentistry, Preventive Dentistry and Oral Pathology. Presently, the location of the Department is the second acquisition land.


Headship of the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Department from Inception

S/N Name Period of Headship
1. Dr. J. O. Daramola 1981-1988
2. Dr. B. O. Abiose (Ag. Head) 1988
3. Dr. H. A. Ajagbe 1988-1989; 1989-1992
4. Dr. A. E. Obiechina (Coordinator) 1992-1994;1994-1998; 2000-2002
5. Dr. J. T. Arotiba (Ag. Head) {now Professor} 1998-2000; 2011-2016
6. Dr. A. O. Fasola (Ag. Head) {now Professor} 2006-2011; 2014-2016
7. Dr. Victoria N. Okoje- Adesomoju 2016-till date


8.                                    Dr. A. A. Olusanya                                                                                     2016-till date


The department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery teaches Oral Surgery to undergraduate dental students for the award of Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree. The department is also involved in the training of medical and nursing students towards the attainment of their respective degrees. In addition, it provides professional Postgraduate training leading to the award of Fellowship in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery by the West African College of Surgeons and the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria. Postgraduate students also benefit from the MDS (Master in Dental Sciences Programme) which is jointly run by the five departments in Dentistry. A Master’s program in Oral Surgery is currently being proposed and will in all hopes commence in the near future. In addition to academic and research activities, the department provides clinical services to the University College Hospital, Ibadan.



Several members of staff of the Department have been recognized for their valuable contributions to the field of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Some of these contributions and recognitions include:


  • J.T. Arotiba was elected as the President of the National Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons at the 5th Biennial Scientific Conference and Annual General Meeting of the Association held from the 3rd-5th October, 2012 at the University College Hospital, Ibadan.


  • A.O. Fasola was elected as the Editor-in-Chief of the National Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons at the 5th Biennial Scientific Conference and Annual General Meeting of the Association held from 3rd-5th October, 2012 at the University College Hospital, Ibadan.


  • An Inaugural Lecture was delivered by Prof. A.O. Fasola on Thursday 13th June, 2013. The title of his lecture was “The Tripod of Maxillofacial trauma:  The Injury, the Injured and the Injury Career”


  • V.I. Akinmoladun was also elected as the General Secretary of the National Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons at the 5th Biennial Scientific Conference and Annual General Meeting of the Association held from 3rd-5th October, 2012 at the University College Hospital, Ibadan.


  • Arotiba was elected Treasurer of the Pan African Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons at a meeting held in Cape Town South Africa held between the 10th & 11th of October, 2012.


  • Victoria N. Okoje-Adesomoju got the Administrative Excellence Award in UCH in November, 2011 and was appointed Deputy CMAC Dentistry.


  • V. I. Akinmoladun won the Senate Grant Award in 2012.


  • Okoje-Adesomoju was sub- Dean (PG) 2010 -2012


  • V. I. Akinmoladun was appointed Sub-Dean (PG) in Dentistry from 2012-2013


  • V. I. Akinmoladun was appointed Deputy CMAC (Clinical Services) in May, 2016


  • V. I. Akinmoladun was also appointed Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee and Director of Clinical Services, Research and Training of the University College Hospital, Ibadan (CMAC) in November, 2016.

Oral Pathology Department


At inception in 1977 when the Ibadan dental school was established at the pre-clinical level, the Oral Pathology department was one of the four (4) departments on the list of departments to be established within the School despite the unavailability of staff with the requisite training in this area of specialty within the Hospital at the time.

However in 1978, the first set of dental students arrived from the University College Hospital dental school to begin training in clinical dentistry. The University relied on teachers from abroad to engage students in block teaching sessions and these teachers were also flown in for examinations. Prominent among these was Professor Newell Johnson. Despite these, the department of Oral Pathology still lacked indigenous staff. This informed the priority given to the training of indigenous staff by the Department which led to the appointment of Dr. J.O. Lawoyin (now Professor) in 1982. Subsequently, a staff development grant was awarded to Dr. Lawoyin and another member of staff for a postgraduate training in Oral Pathology abroad. Following his training in the Glasgow Dental Hospital, Dr. Lawoyin returned to the Hospital in 1985 as the first indigenous foreign trained oral pathologist in the department after qualifying with the a Master’s degree in Oral Pathology. Consequently, the then acting Head of the Department, Dr. H.A. Ajagbe (who was a surgeon, and now a retired Professor of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery), handed over the headship of the Department to Dr. Lawoyin.

By 1987, the need for the establishment of a separate laboratory in dentistry was brought to the fore. Under the unique leadership of (late) Professor Kayode Osuntokun, a written proposal was endorsed and a seed grant was approved for the establishment of a Laboratory. This was developed and in 1989, the Laboratory was declared open. (Today Dental/Oral Maxillofacial tissue specimen are processed and reported at the dental centre. Also, disease index are coded according to World Head Organization standard).

The Expansion and re-organization of the department was completed in 1990 with the establishment of the following which constituted a full diagnostic unit in dentistry.

  1. Oral & Dental Radiology
  2. Oral Medicine.
  3. Oral Diagnosis


Due to acute shortage of Oral Pathologist and the inability to attract additional staff/ consultants, the department in 1990 started training the resident doctors locally. By 1997, the first Oral Pathologist to be trained at the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Dr. Bamidele Kolude, completed his training as an oral pathologist and was appointed lecturer/consultant. The department has since trained eight additional resident doctors five of whom are presently lecturers/consultants in the faculty.  Presently, eight resident doctors are undergoing specialist training in the department. This development will enable the department to produce staff for other Dental Schools in the Country. The list below reveals the heads of the Department from inception till date.

Headship of the Oral Pathology/Oral Medicine Department from Inception


S/N Name Period of Headship
1. Prof. J. O. Lawoyin 1996 – 1998, 2000 – 2002, 2004 – 2011
2. Dr. B. Kolude 1998 – 2000, 2002 – 2004, 2011 – 2014
3. Dr. Bukola F. Adeyemi 2014 – 2016
4. Dr. A. O. lawal 2016 till Date



Currently, the Department has a research focus in the area of interceptive oral cancer. Also, research is currently being conducted on the etiology of oral cancer with emphasis on the role of diet and genetic aberration.

The department spearheaded the formation of the Nigerian Association of Oral Pathologists and Oral Medicine whereby specialists in this field are able to gather and interact to improve teaching as well as the practice of Oral Pathology/Oral Medicine in Nigeria.

The department has successfully organized two national workshops on Forensic Dentistry and Mass disaster which witnessed the attendance of military officers and prosecuting attorneys across the federation.

In the past 10 years, over 100 publications have been generated by the staff of the Department, from research activities carried out in the department.

At present, the department is progressing under the leadership of Dr. A.O. Lawal, with a focus on improving on its enviable standard of teaching and learning while generating research relevant to the diagnosis of tropical oral diseases.

Periodontology and Community Dentistry Department


The Dental Center of the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan was established in 1977 to provide clinical training for the Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree programme with the aim of producing highly skilled dental surgeons comparable to those trained in developed countries. The first set of dental students started their clinical training in 1977 and the BDS programme received full accreditation by the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council in 1978.

The Dental Center started as a single department which was later split into four autonomous departments in August 1981. These departments included: the department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, the department of Oral Pathology & Oral Medicine, the department of Restorative Dentistry and the department of Preventive Dentistry. The Development Committee of the Senate of the University of Ibadan, approved the creation of these departments in 1985 and the four departments were accorded full status in April, 2002.

The Department of Preventive Dentistry which was one of the four Departments created in 1981, consisted of four different disciplines/Units namely; Peridontology, Dental Public Health (Community Dentistry), Paedodontics and Orthodontics. The increase in the staff strength of the Department to eight, later brought about the need to split the Department of Preventive Dentistry to ensure compliance with the standard academic structure worldwide and as recommended by  the National Universities Commission (NUC) minimum standards. Resulting from this, the Department was officially split into two Departments in 2004 namely the Department of Peridontology and Community Dentistry and the Child Oral Health Department.

Although the department started with four academic staff, it presently has a staff strength of seven honourary consultants made up of four consultants specialised in the field of Community Dentistry while three are specialised in the field of Peridontology.

The first Head of the Department was Dr. M.O. Noah. Dr. Gbemi Aderinokun subsequently took over from Dr. M.O. Noah as Head of Department. Below is the list of the past and present heads of the Department:


Headship of the Peridontology & Community Dentistry Department from Inception

S/N Name Period of Headship
1. Dr. M.O. Noah 1981-1985
2. Dr. Kulasekara 1985-1988
3. Dr. Moronke O. Noah 1989-1991
4. Dr. Gbemi Aderinokun 1991-1999
5. Dr. (now Prof.) Modupe O. Arowojolu 1999-2001
6. Dr. Obafunke Denloye 2001-2003
7. Prof. Gbemi A. Oke (nee Aderinokun) 2003-2006
8. Dr. Modupe O. Arowojolu 2006-2009
9. Dr. Juliana O. Taiwo 2009-2011
10. Dr. Elizabeth B. Dosumu 2011-2013
11. Dr. Juliana O. Taiwo 2013-2015
12. Prof. Modupe O. Arowojolu 2015-till date



The Department seeks to develop dental surgeons with comparable basic knowledge in the fields of Peridontology and Community Dentistry with outstanding clinical skills of world standard in both specialties, who at all times can make independent judgement and decisions in meeting the needs and demands of the community they serve. The Peridontology specialty deals with the management of patients with periodontal diseases (diseases of the gum and supporting tissues of the teeth) which involves mechanical non-surgical periodontal therapy (scaling and root planning [SRP] – i.e. removal of all dirt, bacteria and necrotic tissues on the teeth and roots), administering adjunctive anti-microbial agents, splinting of mobile teeth, desensitization of sensitive teeth, and non-surgical and surgical management of patients with periodontal problems including the use of bone grafts among others.

The Dental Public Health/Community Dentistry discipline on the other hand, deals with the prevention and treatment of oral diseases at the community level and it provides services to residents within the community. In the process of delivering services to the community, approaches used include prevention, targeted population approach, oral health education and campaign.  

The Department took off in 2004 with the Peridontology Clinic occupying a wing in the Dental Center. In 2012 however, the Clinic was moved to another wing shared by the Peridodontic Unit of the Child Oral Health Department. The Community Dentistry Unit (Dental Public Health) presently operates two centers at Idikan in Ibadan and Igboora in Ibarapa community. Other activities of the department include:

  • Training/mentoring of undergraduate and postgraduate students in the fields of Peridontology and Community Dentistry.


  • Conducting research activities which contributes to the advancement of the practice of Peridontology & Community Dentistry and as well, contributing to the management of patients


  • Performance of non-surgical and surgical management of patients with gingival and periodontal diseases


  • Carrying out routine Peridontal surgical procedures to preserve teeth


  • Provision of didactic and clinical teachings to undergraduate, postgraduate dental students and resident doctors


  • Provision of Laboratory instructions to Dental students in clinical practice of Peridontology.


  • Provision of oral health care services at the Primary Health Care level in the Department’s outreach clinics in Idikan, Ibadan and Igboora.


  • Oral health education and campaigns


  • Community outreach programmes


  • Developing strategies for successful targeted population intervention programmes


  • Training of health care workers and teachers to recognize oral diseases and screen their patients/students/pupils and refer them to the Dental Clinic when necessary.



  • The various researches carried out in the department have yielded over 400 publications in local and international peer reviewed journals. Also, members of the department have won the MacArthur, College Early Career, Senate Research Grants and Tetfund Grants.


  • One of the honourary consultants in the department, Dr. O. Ibiyemi, won a PhD scholarship award of the Commonwealth Scholarship which he completed in 2016. One of the resident doctors also won the best research poster presentation at the NMA Conference in 2015.


  • Some under-served communities have enormously benefitted from both preventive and curative dental care programmes in Ibadan, Ibarapa and other rural communities in Oyo State.


  • School pupils and students of tertiary institutions have been educated about their oral health and have also received dental treatment on the field (at their various schools).


  • Resident doctors from far and near have been trained to acquire skills in rural dentistry.


  • Oral health care services tailored to meet the needs of inhabitants of rural communities are being provided, thus improving their oral health.


  • The department has seen to the provision of baseline data about oral health care needs of the many underserved communities


  • Provision of routine dental services/treatment especially for emergency dental disease conditions


  • Screening has been conducted for several people in various communities for oral health disease conditions


  • Provision of oral health education & promotion to various population groups


  • Successful hosting of an International Peridontology course in 2013. This course was the first of its kind in Nigeria and it was attended by Dentists all over the country. The theme of the course was “Optimising Peridontal Care in Nigeria”. The guest lecturer was Dr. Phillip Ower, a renowned Peridontologist in the U.K. Participants at the training had the privilege of practising Peridontal surgical procedures on heads of pigs and lectures were delivered on current trends in Peridontology.


  • The second Peridontology hands-on workshop was held in November, 2017 and the guest lecturer was Dr. John Aniemeke from San Antonio, Texas, USA.


  • One of the Consultants in the Department, Prof. Modupe Arowojolu was awarded a Fellowship of the International College of Dentists in 2014.


  • International Collaboration: Students from Ghana came to the Department for rural experience in the Igboora Community Clinic.


  • A final year student of the department was the best poster presenter at the IADR (International Conference at Abuja), and was awarded to present at the International Conference at Rio De Jenerio, Brazil in 2009.


  • The Department is currently working on establishing linkages with the Universities of Birmingham and Bristol, UK in the specialty of Peridontology.


  • The department produced a distinction student in 2010.

Preventry Dentistry Department

The Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree program was established in 1975 as a Department with the aim of producing highly skilled Dental Surgeons comparable to those trained in the developed countries.  The first set of Dental students started their clinical training in 1977 and the program attained full accreditation by the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council in 1978.The single Dentistry Department was split into four autonomous departments in August 1981.
The Development Committee of the Senate of the University of Ibadan approved the creation of these departments in 1985 and four departments in Dentistry were accorded full Faculty status in April 2002.  The Department would have been split into two at the creation of the four departments but for the low staff strength. Department of Preventive Dentistry in 1981 was one of the four departments at that time consisting of four different discipline/units namely: Periodontology, Dental Public Health, Paedodontics and Orthodontics.
The first Acting Head of Department was Dr. M.O. Noah and the current is Dr. Modupe O. Arowojolu.The staff strength in the department then increased to eight (8) and this has also brought up the€€ need for a split of the department to ensure compliance with the normal academic structure, the world over and as recommended by National University Commission (NUC) minimum standards. The department was then officially split into two departments (Preventive Dentistry and Child Oral Health) in the year 2004.

  1. Didactic and clinical teachings to Dental students.
  2. Laboratory instructions to Dental students.
  3. Community Health Program.
  4. Primary Health Program was established in  Idikan area of Ibadan and Igboora for the purpose of teaching dental students in community.
  5. Dentistry, for carrying out research and for rendering services to patients in a Primary Health Care Setting.
  6. The Department also conducts planned visits to Schools and Community.
  7. Research projects are assigned to students in their final year.

Restorative Dentistry Department


The Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree programme was established in 1975 in the Department of Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, College of Medicine, and University of Ibadan with the aim of producing highly skilled Dental Surgeons comparable to those trained in the developed countries.  The first set of Dental Students started their clinical training in Dental Centre, University College Hospital in 1977 and the programme attained full accreditation by the Nigeria Medical and Dental Council in 1978.

The Department of Dentistry was splitted into four autonomous departments in August 1981.  The four Departm43ents in Dentistry were accorded full Faculty status in April, 2002. However, in December 2007, the Nigerian University Commission approved the creation of the Department of Child Oral Heath in addition to the four Departments that made up the faculty.

Department of Restorative Dentistry at the moment consists of eight different sub-discipline/units namely:

  • Phantom Head Unit (Operative Techniques)
  • Conservative Dentistry
  • Removable Prosthetic Dentistry
  • Maxillofacial Prosthetic
  • Fixed Prosthetic Dentistry
  • Endodontics
  • Science of Dental materials
  • Dental Implantology

The Department presently has six permanent academic members of staff that are honorary consultants to University College Hospital. In conjunction with other departments in the Faculty of Dentistry, the department participates actively in the training of undergraduate and postgraduate students. Members make contributions in the areas of teaching of resident doctors and other health professionals in clinical services and research.




The ultimate aim of training in the Department of Restorative Dentistry, Faculty of Dental Surgery is to train Residents’ in this specialty of Dental Surgery up to the level of Consultants.


Therefore, the objectives are as follows:


  1. To attain the status of specialists to practise at the level of consultants in any part of the world and especially in the West African sub-region.
  2. To provide comparable standard of training and practice to what obtains in other parts of the world.
  3. To possess high standard of training to appraise research findings and supply the same to improve clinical practice.
  4. To guide, teach and train other professional colleagues in order to enhance harmonious relationship with overall consequence in excellent service delivery.



Basic Restorations

  • Complex Amalgam restorations with or without pin retention
  • Complex Composite restorations with or without pin retention
  • Teeth whitenen and bleaching procedure


– Root Canal therapy on anterior and posterior teeth

  • Endodontic surgical procedure
  • Mechanized endodontic (Rotary)


–    Full and partial veneer crowns on anterior and posterior teeth

  • Post – retained crowns


–    Anterior and posterior bridges: Conventional and Resin Bonded



–  Metal based Partial Denture Fabrication

–  Immediate Denture Fabrication

–  Repair, Relining and Rebasing of Dentures

–  Complete Dentures Fabrication

–  Over denture



  • Endodontic Treatments: simple and complex root canal treatment, hemisection etc.
  • Inlays, Crowns and Bridges fabrication
  • Endodontic Surgeries
  • Implantology
  • Occlusal Adjustments/Rehabilitation
  • Ceramic Veneers fabrication


  • Full Dentures
  • Metallic Partial Dentures
  • Maxillofacial and cleft prostheses
  • Surgical Splints
  • Immediate and Over dentures

Headship of the Department

The first Acting Head of Department was the Late Dr. S.P. Luthra 1981 – 1990.  The headship of this department was subsequently taken over after as follows:


Ag. Heads of Department & Coordinators

1990 – 1992                                        Dr. A.E. Obechina                    –           Ag. HOD

Aug 1992 – Sept. 1993                        Dr. Adeola Ogunyinka             –           Coordinator

Sept. 1993 – Nov. 1994                       Dr.O.O. Dosumu                      –           Coordinator

Dec. 1994   – March 1995                    Dr. Adeola Ogunyinka             –           Coordinator

March 1995 – July 1995                      Dr. O.O. Dosumu                     –           Coordinator

Aug 1995 – Feb 1996                          Dr. Adeola Ogunyinka             –           Coordinator

1996 – 1999                                        Dr. O.O. Falomo                      –           Ag. HOD

1999 – 2001                                        Dr. Adeola Ogunyinka             –           Ag. HOD

2001 – 2012                                        Dr. O.O. Dosumu                     –           Ag. HOD

2012 – 2016                                        Dr. Deborah M. Ajayi              –           Ag. HOD


Head of Department

2016 – till date            –                       Professor O. O. Dosumu


Outstanding achievement recorded by our department over the years 

  1. Re-establishment of Advanced Prosthetic Laboratory
  2. Establishment of Implant Dentistry Unit with all the consultants in the department as members of the Implant Committee.
  3. Productive qualitative training and services in endodontics
  4. Improved aesthetic and functional service delivery




  1. O.O.Dosumu


MacArthur Foundation Grant from 21-4-2003 – 25-6-2003 (Short Term)

At School of Dentistry, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia U.S.A.


2     Mr. J.B.Adetinkan


MacArthur Foundation Grant from March,  2006 (Medium Term)

At School of Dentistry, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia U.S.A.


3       The academic members of staff of the department were recognized by the Nigerian Society for Restorative Dentistry (NISROD) as the most committed group of members.


Presented at the launching and 1st Scientific Conference of the Society on the 8th September, 2011.





NAMES                                                     DESIGNATION                                    

Prof. O.O. Dosumu                               Consultant

Dr. D.M. Ajayi                                                    “

Dr. I.M.F. Abiodun-Solanke                          “

Dr. T.J. Ogunrinde                                           “

Dr. A.O. Sulaiman                                          “

Dr. S.O. Gbadebo                                              “

Dr.  F. O. Olawale                             Senior Registrar

Dr. M. A. Soyinka                                              “

Dr. F. M. Raji                                                      “

Dr. A. O. Oyediran                                           “

Dr. G. E. Adebayo                                            “

Dr. O. D. Adeosun                                 Registrar

Mr. T.S. Amola                                   Asst. Chief Technologist

Mrs.  Olutola A. Oyedele                    Dental Technologist

Mr. Omotosho S. Ogundiran             Dental Technologist

Mr. Valentine Nwaozor                      Dental Technologist

Mrs. I. B. Ndubuisi                                Dental Technologist

Mrs. J.T. Akinmola-Kuti               Asst.  Chief Dental Nurse

Mrs. O.F. Ijidale                                  Prin. Dental  Surg. Asst. I

Mr. J.G. Adamolekun                        Prin. Dental Surgery Asst. I

Mr. F.O. Adunola                                Prin. Dental Surgery Asst. I

Mr. Sodiq Dare Ogunlowo                Dental Surgery Technician

Miss Bukola Saliu                               Dental Surgery Technician

Mr. Ishola Kayode                               Chief Clerical Officer

Mrs. Grace O. Morakinyo                  Chief Clerical Officer

Mr. C. Oyibo                                          Asst. Chief Clerical Officer

Local or international collaboration(s) by extension from Faculty of Dentistry, College of Medicine.


(1)           School of Dentistry, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia U.S.A.

(2)           University of New York

Services offered by our department

  • Provision of mouth guards for temporo mandibular joint disorders
  • Provision of acrylic screws
  • Provision of bite splints for parafunctional habit correction
  • Provision of partial acrylic dentures
  • Provision of full acrylic dentures
  • Metallic partial dentures
  • Provision of maxillary obturators and feeding plates
  • Provision of post mandibulectomy prosthesis
  • Minimal occlussal adjustments
  • Composite restoration
  • Composite veneering
  • Amalgam restoration
  • Root canal therapy
  • Non-vital tooth bleaching
  • Tooth whitenen procedure for vital bleaching
  • Periradicular surgery
  • Crown and Bridge (Porcelain fused to metal)
  • Post retained crown
  • Composite splinting of teeth
  • Metallic crown (all metals)
  • Implant Retained prosthesis