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UCH Help Line Centre

The UCH Help Line Centre is a Medical Call Centre designed to reduce emergency room visits and over-utilization of healthcare services by offering telephone-based access to physician and other healthcare providers on 24 hours basis. In addition, information on available facilities in the Hospital are made accessible in the Centre.

Specifically, the help Line functions include the following:

(a) Provide healthcare services via telephone

(b) Provide quality healthcare information

(c) Give support for Hospital Services

(d) Help in connection with scheduling or rescheduling of appointments(medical appointments/reminders)

(e) Take service complaints

(f) Provide information on facilities

(g) Provide messages with tips on preventive health habits

(h) Provide Healthcare counseling via telephone.

The UCH Help Line which provides 24 hours service daily can be accessed by telephone

UCH HELPLINE: +2347008244357


To be the flagship tertiary health care institution in the West Africa sub-region, offering world-class training, research and services.

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