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Accident & Emergency


To deliver first class, prompt and effective emergency care.
To be the leader in emergency and trauma care in West Africa.


The Accident & Emergency Department was until probably sometime in 2003 under Surgery Department, when Dr. Dolapo Afuwape was appointed Head of Department. He was effectively, the 1st Head of Accident & Emergency Department. He handed over to Mr. Olukayode Oyetunde (FRCS) to take up a position in the Department of Surgery, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan. Dr. Amby Rukewe, the current Head is the Department’s 3rd Head of Department.


1. Dr. Amby Rukewe DA, MSc, FMCA, Cert. Regional Anes., MNIM Consultant Anaesthetist
2. Mr. Olukayode Oyetunde FRCS, FWACS, FICS Consultant General and Trauma Surgeon
3. Dr. Akinyemi. O Aje FMCP Consultant Cardiologist
4 Dr. Adebola Aje FMCP Consultant Gastroenterologist


Medical Emergency

Oversees the care of medical emergencies. Works hand in hand with the various medical sub-specialties providing initial care, investigation, stabilization, resuscitation and monitoring.


The department serves as the major hub for trauma care, coordinating with the Nigerian Police, Federal Road Safety Corps and Military to serve as the nerve centre for trauma care.

Resuscitation Room

Equipped for the sole purpose of taking care of the critically ill or injured patients. Also provides direct link to the intensive care unit. Run daily to follow up cases of trauma to ensure adequate recovery and rehabilitation. It is coordinated by a Consultant Trauma Surgeon.

Radiology Unit

This unit is located in the emergency complex. It is run by the Department of Radiology, manned by consultant radiologists, radiology residents and radiographers. It is equipped with computerized tomography (CT) machines, x-ray and ultrasound equipment, with access to the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) suite.


An operating room is located within the Accident and Emergency complex and handles emergency surgeries and trauma cases.


The CDU provides a clean environment for minor surgical procedures, suturing and dressing.   

Burn Unit

It is manned by Burn Specialists and run by the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Unit. Located within the complex, the Burn Unit provides a sterile environment for the management of acute burns.

Plaster Room

It is run by the Orthopaedic surgeons and plaster technicians.

Endoscopy Unit

It is located in the complex and is run by the Medical and Surgical Units. The Endoscopy unit conducts all endoscopic procedure (majorly diagnostic).


The laboratory conducts all initial and basic tests within the department. It also is linked with the main hospital laboratories for other tests.

Pharmacy Unit

It functions in overseeing the sale and dispensing of drugs within the department.

Medical Store

It provides medical consumables to patients in the department.



To be the flagship tertiary health care institution in the West Africa sub-region, offering world-class training, research and services.

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