Hospital Chaplaincy Committee

Health as defined by World Health organization is a dynamic state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. It is imperative to mention that the spiritual aspect of well-being is a very wide concept that goes beyond the actual religious scope and covers many aspects of the most intimate and private sphere of an individual.

The Hospital has been able to identify that the spiritual care seems important not just for the patient, but also for both family members who have to manage dramatic events in very stressful conditions and make immediate decisions as well as medical staff as it seems to increase professional performance and well-being.

Retrospectively, Chaplaincy service in the last decades in the Hospital though in existence, its activities or functionality were not structured. It was based on this observation that in the year 2010, the Management in a bid to bring health care service delivery up to the world class standard, constituted the Hospital Chaplaincy Committee. It nevertheless became imperative to have well-structured activities for chaplaincy services.

The Chaplaincy Committee was set up to streamline individuals visiting the Clinics/Wards for Hospital evangelism and to eliminate extortion of patients in the name of spiritual care. Also, the Committee created a platform (chaplaincy request card) through which Patients, Students and Members of staff can easily request for spiritual care conducted by Chaplains who also double as members of the Committee.

In recognition of the need to ascertain the genuineness of the prospective groups aiming to carry out Hospital evangelism, the Committee tend to look out for qualities such as Certificate of registration with the Government, clearly outlined structure and goal of the groups as well as a traceable permanent address. It is important to state that qualified groups are made to sign an undertaken that they will only visit during the visiting hour(s) assigned to them and must comply with Hospital regulations as regards visit to the Patients.      


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