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The pharmacy department was one of the clinical, training and service departments in the hospital, and virtually all patients who attend the hospital end up in the pharmacy to collect drugs and/or dressings. The Pharmacy Department has evolved from one Dispensary and 7 small stores scattered within ADEOYO Hospital, Yemetu to the modern Pharmacy Department it is today. The Department was handed over to Mr. F. A. Callisto by Mr. M. Ritchie in May 1953. Mr. Callisto who was employed from the United Kingdom was the first indigenous Chief Pharmacist of a Nigerian Teaching Hospital. He was also the only Nigerian Head of Department in the Hospital at the time.

The University College Hospital pioneered the production of sterile preparations for use of her patients in 1957, and to date there are still many rare pharmaceutical preparations produced in the department. Drug procurement was mainly from the Medical Stores in Lagos. Some drugs were obtained from May & Baker and Kingsway Chemists. Drugs which were not available in these places were obtained from Glaxo, Allen and Hansburys, Ward Blekinsop all of whom had depots in Lagos. Several goods were also ordered from the United Kingdom through Crown Agents

In line with the tripartite mission of UCH which is Service, Research and Training, the department carries out the following activities:

  1. Procurement, Storage and Dispensing of Drugs and Dressings
  2. Counseling of Patients on Drug Use.
  3. Provision of Information on drug related issues to patients and other health workers.
  4. Manufacturing of External and Pharmaceutical preparations like syrups, mixtures, ointments, creams, lotions etc.
  5. Manufacturing of sterile pharmaceuticals like injections, ear and eye preparations and nasal drops. (It is hoped that in the near future with the addition of more equipment, the department will be able to resuscitate preparation of infusions and intravenous infusion admixtures)
  6. Training of student and pupil pharmacists on clerkship, externship, industrial attachment and internship.
  7. Arrangement and Presentation of seminars and clinical discussions on patient drug therapy and management and other drug related issues.
  8. Monitoring of Adverse Drug Reactions with other members of the Pharmacovigilance team.


  • To deliver promptly, good quality drugs, accessible and affordable to patients at the point of care.
  • To provide first-rate education, information and assistance on drug-related matters to patients, pharmacists, students, researchers and other health care providers.
  • To be the gold standard in Nigeria for hospital based drug manufacturing and quality control.


Main Pharmacy (Offices)
8:00   am  -  4.00pm weekdays  

GOP Pharmacy
8:00   am  -  6.00pm weekdays 

Weekends and Public Holidays  
9.00 am - 3.00pm

Ward Satellite Pharmacies
24- hours every day including Public Holidays

Accident and Emergency
 24- hours every day including Public Holidays

Dental Clinic
9.00 am  - 3.00 pm weekdays only

Federal Secretariat clinic 
 9.00 am  - 4.00 pm weekdays only

In addition, Registered Pharmacists are always on call to attend to emergencies 24 hours a day every day of the week including Public Holidays
Department’s Contact Numbers:  02 8708347, 02-7518538, 02-7518534


To be the flagship tertiary health care institution in the West Africa sub-region, offering world-class training, research and services.

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