Medical Social Services

Staff and donations

The department, which is the cradle of Medical social work Profession in Nigeria, was established in 1957, with the employment of late Mrs. Mary Modupeoluwa, Omitowoju (Nee Noonoo) as the 1st Medical social Worker. The Department has six (6) units.  The General office is located at the Out Patient corridor. It serves as the Central unit.  It houses the Deputy Director’s office and all administrative duties are carried out in this office. Maintain its position as the pace setter in the country in Clinical Social Service delivery and center of excellence for professional training of Medical Social Workers while collaborating with other health professionals and highlighting the psycho social components of medical research
Enables prompt and effective alleviation of the psycho social problems of needy patients in a conducive environment that fosters training and stimulates ethical psycho social research and  ensures  life is not lost due to lack of care and actively play the role of “professional friend in need” to the patient.


  1. Medical Social Workers render crisis intervention to accident victims in collaboration with SAVAN.Save Accident Victims   Association of Nigeria (SAVAN) is a Non Governmental Organization whose National Headquarters is at University of Benin Teaching Hospital.  Its mandate is to enhance the survival of accident victims brought into the hospital.
  2. Conducting intensive social investigation/home visit on cases referred by the Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee and Consultants.
  3. Rehabilitation of abandoned babies, psychiatric, disabled and economically  challenged patients.
  4. Advocacy visits to tap community resources for needy patients.
  5. Organizing group therapy sessions in the specialist clinics.
  6. Active involvement in Pre-Test, Post-Test and On going HIV counseling.
  7. Subsidizing drugs/medical appliances for needy patients through “Alanu Fund”.
  8. Training/Supervision of students on the Master of Social Work Degree  Programme at the University of Ibadan and Benin.
  9. Management of the Alanu House which consists of a 25 bedded bungalow donated by Ibadan Lions Club in 1985 to the Medical Social Services Department of UCH. Offers free accommodation to long distance UCH out patients who  are on short term treatment in the hospital.
  10. Publication of Departmental Journal called “ The Social Work Horizon” which is an academic publication on contemporary issues in Health and Social welfare.