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Medical Health Records

The department is responsible for organization of the Health Records library and setting up of the required various units in the Clinics, Casualty, General Outpatients and the wards. Health Records Officers design various health related forms in conformity with the standard of world Health Organization (WHO) and to suit the numbering and filing system suitable of the hospital.


  • Health records department initiates case notes of patients and records the patients’ social data which serves as means of identification of the patients in the hospital.
  • The department collates all data about the treated patients in the hospital,these data are generated from in and out patients department and disease clasification is also done. DDS



Ward Services: is responsible for collection of case notes of discharged patients from wards. This unit scrutinizes and re-arranges the case notes chronologically and dispatches them to the Coding and Indexing unit. They at the Wards Services file the case notes numerically of easy for other staff who may need them.

  • Give appointments and maintain an appointment system.
  • patient coding and indexing.
  • Assist doctor and other paramedical staff in research by retrieving case note on the instruction of the research and education unit.
  • They supply the education and research unit with their routine statistics.
  • Records clerks come from various clinics to file and retrieve case notes, though we maintain control decentralization filing system because of space and distance of the central library to various clinics.
  • Case notes retrieved are replaced by tracer cards. Both active and inactive records are being filed in the library.
  • The library is opened 24 hours, movement of people is restricted.

Coding & Indexing section : The unit receives request for research. This unit is in charge of coding &  index of disease, conditions and operations, each disease is assigned a code number using the International Classification of diseases produced by WHO.The unit also compiles noticeable and infectious diseases from each ward monthly. The units also goes to the theatre to compile number of operation.
Statistics section: The unit compiles the in patients and out patients statistics for the whole hospital. They receive daily ward statement and out patients attendances every day. The unit also collates analysis and disseminates statistical information for decision making.


This unit is in charge of issuance of birth certificate and re issue of death certificate and they also process case notes for medical reports because of its sensitivity, the unit is placed directly under Head of department. It is the same unit that takes care of staff and material management of the department. Ensures necessary tools and equipment procurement for the department. The unit process in – coming and out – going correspondences.


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